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Sigma Masterclass - July

Back at the start of the month I lead a masterclass for Sigma out on the Somerset Levels in search of dragonflies and damselflies. The weather wasn't the best with drizzle and some rain and not a great amount of light but that didn't stop us.

We found plenty of damselflies and set to capturing them, the damp weather meant that they were not flying around as much although the wind proved a little tricky at times and sometimes you just have to give up and find a subject that's in a more sheltered place.

We spent time around the bracken areas before heading off into the mire in search of sundews and more dragons and damsels, the wind certainly played a role but we continued to find good numbers of damselflies and grasshoppers.

We did see a few dragonflies but they were all on the wing but eventually we did find one hanging out underneath a bracken frond and managed a few photos before it took to the wing too.

A huge thank you to everyone that attended and for embracing the weather and for Sigma for putting on the event. I am running a second masterclass on autumn photography in October which we still have some spaces available.

All images were captured where we found out subjects, nothing was moved or disturbed and all water droplets were natural from the rain.

All my images were taken with Canon 5DMKIII and Sigma 105mm macro.

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